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Dr. King Says…We Want to Connect with You and Your Pet!

We invite you to check out our new video series and submit your pet-related questions for Dr. King to answer on live video.

Please submit your questions via Email, our Facebook page, or the form on this page…and don’t forget to check out the great videos below!

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Introduction to Series: Dr. King Introduces Video Series

We are excited to start a new video series called, “Dr. King Says” where Dr. King will be answering all of your pet related questions!

Episode 1: Solar Eclipse

Hear what Dr. King has to say about your pets and the Solar Eclipse.

Episode 2: Hypoallergenic Dog and Cat Breeds

Are there really hypoallergenic dog and cat breeds? If so, what are they?

Check out the links below for a list of “hypoallergenic” dog breeds: