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The Beginnings

The All-Star Veterinary Clinic Foundation (ASVCF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide veterinary diagnostic and treatment options for pets whose families lack the financial means to address their specific healthcare needs. Individuals may make a tax-deductible contribution to assist others in need of the best veterinary care possible regardless of cost. Originally established in 2004 and initially funded by a gift from Mary and Greg Klug in memory of their dog Murphy, the ASVCF continues to provide financial assistance to individual veterinary medical cases in need. Please see our success stories below and consider helping future patients of the foundation.


Harlow’s Story

It was a late afternoon in April 2019 when Harlow was rushed through All-Star’s doors, bloody and in shock. She had just been dragged down the road behind a truck and her wounds painted an unimaginable picture. To say she experienced road rash is an understatement. Every bump, pebble, scrape, scratch, and tear was felt. Her shoulders, hips, and chest were blackened with burnt skin from the friction of the road. Her muscle underneath exposed. Her nails worn down and bleeding. She received pain medications and fluids to help stabilize her while the extent of her wounds was documented. X-rays were taken and fortunately no internal damage had been sustained, but her battle was far from over. Over the course of the next couple of months, she underwent multiple surgeries and rehabilitation. In total, she endured 12 hours and 45 minutes under the knife to repair her wounds. She struggled to fight off the methicillin-resistant staph infections that only further served to complicate her recovery. With quite a bit of TLC and a strong-will, she overcame each obstacle. In doing so, she was able to find a new home and received justice for the abuse she sustained. At just over a year old, Harlow has seen and experienced more than the average person does in their lifespan. Her story is a shining example of determination and love. Her life and All-Star’s will forever be impacted by that day in April, but through the generosity of people contributing to the foundation Harlow is now a happy and healthy pup.

Wade’s Story

Wade is an English Labrador Retriever that was a recent recipient of the financial assistance program that All-Star Veterinary Clinic Foundation (ASVCF) offers. Wade first presented to All-Star Veterinary Clinic as a 6-week old puppy shortly after weaning. He came to see us because he was regurgitating after eating. Upon presentation he was smaller than his litter mates, underweight and unable to keep any hard food down. A complete diagnostic work-up revealed a vascular ring anomaly, specifically a persistent right aortic arch. Vascular ring anomalies are congenital malformations of the great vessels around the heart that can cause esophageal constriction. Most puppies born with this condition are euthanized because they cannot survive without major complications as adult dogs. The only treatment option for these pups is thoracic surgery to relieve the compression band around the esophagus so that food can pass through to the stomach. Surgical intervention will typically allow 80 percent of these cases to show some form of improvement. With approximately 30 percent having complete resolution of clinical signs and approximately 50 percent still requiring some amount of dietary modification. Unfortunately, these surgical procedures, while generally successful, can in some cases cost upwards of $5,000. On July 24, 2019 Dr. Eric Hans, a board-certified veterinary surgeon at MedVet Surgical Facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, performed Wade’s thoracic surgery. Wade did quite well during the procedure and continued to improve during the ensuing months post-surgery. Wade is alive and well thanks to the surgery funded by ASVCF.


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