Animal Hospital for Noblesville

animal hospital for Noblesville

When you visit All-Star Veterinary Clinic, expect complete care for your cat or dog. Due to our experienced veterinarians and cutting-edge capabilities, including endoscopy and ultrasound, we happily accept specialty referrals and offer long-term care for pet families. At our animal hospital for Noblesville, we fully educate you on all aspects of your pet’s daily care and their health status. From practicing owner Dr. Emily King to our associate veterinarians and highly trained staff, you and your pet will be greeted warmly and treated like family at All-Star Veterinary Clinic.


Directions to Our Animal Hospital

All-Star Veterinary Clinic is located directly West of Noblesville. Simply take State Route 38 as it changes to State Route 32. Then, only minutes away you’ll find our animal hospital on the left-hand side at 789 East Main Street, Westfield, IN 46074.


Good Pet Dental Care = Better Pet Health

When your pet’s oral health is under control, their entire health is likely to be better. Plaque and tartar accumulate on our pet’s teeth the same as ours. If left to its own devices, tartar can spread below the gumline and attack the surrounding tissue and bone structures. In extreme cases, oral bacteria can contaminate the bloodstream and spread to internal organs. The American Veterinary Dental College cites that by three years old, the majority of pets are already showing symptoms of gum disease. Luckily, pet dental prevention can go a long way in warding off its deleterious effects.

The highly trained veterinarians at All-Star Veterinary Clinic have undergone additional training to prevent and treat dental conditions at any stage. Our doctors skillfully spot the signs of gum disease, which can be subtle in our pets since they are unaccustomed to showing their discomfort. They also carefully remove hardened tartar above and below the gum line before it becomes a concern. Contact our animal hospital for Noblesville. We’re happy to answer any questions or schedule a complete oral examination and dental cleaning, including radiographs, for your pet.

Going the Extra Mile to Keep Pets Healthy

Providing pets with the best veterinary care possible is our goal at All-Star Veterinary Clinic. We accomplish this goal through our knowledge, diagnostic tools, and use of veterinary medicine’s best practices. Whether a preventive or illness service, we customize our care according to their individual needs. Just as every person is different, every pet is as well. Furthermore, we handle complex medical cases and are prepared to run additional testing to accurately diagnose any underlying conditions. Schedule with our friendly staff today. You’ll be glad you did and your pet will thank you with many years of good health.