Behavioral Counseling

Pet Behavior Counseling Westfield

Is your pet misbehaving or behaving strangely out of character?

Is your new pet not yet trained and socialized?

The team at All-Star Veterinary Clinic can help with addressing pet behavior issues. Veterinary research has shown that socializing young pets is an incredibly important part of forming the desirable behaviors of adult pets. Puppies and kittens, especially before they reach the age of 4 months, need to be exposed to people, animals, different environments, and training opportunities to ensure that their personalities are developing appropriately. When behaviors go uncorrected for too long, the results can be problematic.

Behavioral Changes in Adult Pets 

When your adult pet’s behaviors begin to change, there may be other underlying issues that need to be addressed. Often, changes in adult behavior are the result of changes in the physical condition of the pet. Some examples of behavior changes we have seen include:

  • A dog with an unidentified injury may appear to exhibit sudden aggression when someone touches the painful area
  • A cat with crystals in her urine feels pain when using the litter box and begins urinating elsewhere because she associates the pain with the litter box itself

Because of the way a health condition can influence what appears to be misbehaving, our veterinarians will conduct a physical examination before entering into any form of re-training. Examinations and diagnostics will help our veterinarians determine if training is necessary or if a medical condition may be the cause of the pet’s misbehavior.

Training Opportunities Available 

To ensure that we are meeting the needs of every pet and owner, we are happy to recommend a local trainer to help you and your pet with their behavior issues: