Check Your Puls


Check your pulse. Can you find it? Do you feel it?

It is circulation to the body, a basic but complex system essential for life. My father-in-law (MD) taught me a valuable lesson. He said, “Before helping another, especially in an emergency, first, check your own pulse.” If I am being honest, I’m still figuring out what this means. Most simply, a pulse is a sign of life. And where there is life, there is an opportunity to act and to make a difference in that of another. It’s a rate. A physiologic response to what is in front of you, telling your system to act urgently or to slow down and digest. It’s a maze. Sixty thousand miles of vessels coursing through and intertwining in the body. A pulse has a tone. It grows and strengthens to deliver nutrients to the essential places. It is consistent, ongoing in the background, and outside of our direct control. A pulse is a story, a reflection of what is centrally happening in the heart while also responding to external forces.

This is my checked pulse. A smattering of reflections on opportunities in life and work as a veterinarian. These are the moments my pulse throbbed with stress or slowed to digest. These are the maze-like days of ebb and flow, of uncontrolled, regularly irregular pulses that induce strengthening growth.

Entry #3

Entry #3

I would choose it again. I think many people would say that and agree that the joy of having them outweighs the sorrow of losing them. June 28th is stamped on our lives- defining a new season and life stage. He was the first living thing that was “ours.” Kuzco made...

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Entry #2

Entry #2

Hyde and I have a love-hate relationship. I love him, he hates me. I guess it’s actually pretty simple. I’m pleased however, to report that we are making some really positive progress. Hyde scratched his cornea while trying to get his muzzle off (obviously, that isn’t...

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Entry #1

Entry #1

I owe it to my professor. A simple extra credit assignment I’ve referenced so many times since veterinary school. The assignment in school was this: “Begin with the end in mind.” – Stephen Covey. Write a career postscript imagining you are at retirement age reflecting...

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