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Dr. King Says…We Want to Connect with You and Your Pet!

We invite you to check out our new video series and submit your pet-related questions for Dr. King to answer on live video.

Please submit your questions via Email, our Facebook page, or the form on this page…and don’t forget to check out the great videos below!

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Introduction to Series: Dr. King Introduces Video Series

We are excited to start a new video series called, “Dr. King Says” where Dr. King will be answering all of your pet related questions!

Episode 1: Solar Eclipse

Hear what Dr. King has to say about your pets and the Solar Eclipse.

Episode 2: Hypoallergenic Dog and Cat Breeds

Are there really hypoallergenic dog and cat breeds? If so, what are they?

Check out the links below for a list of “hypoallergenic” dog breeds:

Episode 3: Pets and Allergies

This episode discusses a specific pets struggle with allergies! If your pet has allergies and you have tried everything without much relief, make sure to listen!

Episode 4: Diets and Multi Cat Home

If you have multiple cats at home, can they all eat the same diet, even if one is a prescription diet?

Episode 5: Why I Became a Veterinarian

Have you ever wondered why Dr. King chose to become a veterinarian? Listen to find out!

Episode 6: Dental Health at Home

Listen to our next episode of Dr. King Says to learn about what you can do at home to help prevent dental disease in your pets! Many of the items that are approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) are items that we sell at All-Star. If you are interested in a specific item, please contact us and we will make sure we have some in stock for you! Thanks Dr. Cloud for joining us this week. The VOHC website is www.vohc.org.

Episode 7: RVTs

With last week being National Registered Veterinary Technician Week, we wanted to have our RVT’s join Dr. King on her next episode of Dr. King Says! We appreciate our RVT’s so much and this video goes over why it is so important for us here at All-Star to have RVT’s, and why we feel their role is so valuable for your pets!

Episode 8: Adding a new cat to an existing cat home

If you currently have a cat at home, and you are wondering how to bring a new kitten/cat home, make sure to listen to this episode of Dr. King Says!
Check out indoorpet.osu.edu for a great resource.

Episode 9: End of Life Decisions

End of life decisions and discussions are never easy, but on Dr. King’s next episode of Dr. King Says, she discusses some behavior characteristics that you can watch for at home to help determine your pets quality of life. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if this is something that you are going through! We are here to help you and your family through these difficult decisions.

Episode 10: Dr. King Says Blooper Reel

Our Dr. Kings Says videos are not always easy to make! Take a look at our hilarious blooper reel of our past videos!

Episode 11: Dentistry in Older Pets

Do you ever worry about putting your pet under anesthesia to have his or her teeth cleaned based on age? Or do you ever wonder when you should have your pets teeth cleaned?
Listen to the next episode of Dr. King Says as she answers these questions for you! We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have so do not hesitate to ask!

Episode 12: When to Vaccinate your Pets

How often, and when, do your pet(s) need to be vaccinated? Find out the answer on this episode of Dr. King Says! To get more information on this topic, click here to find out more!

Episode 13: Favorite Sports Moment

Dr. King is a huge sports fan and played many sports growing up and on this episode of Dr. King Says, she shares one of her most memorable sports moments! Watch to find out what that memory was, and make sure to check the comments for a link to watch her in action!

Episode 14: Bringing your Cat to the Vet

Have you ever said the following: “My cat hates the vet!” “My cat hates that carrier!” “I don’t bring my cat to the vet because….” If so, this is the episode for you to watch!
A trip to the vet does not always have to be a negative experience for you or your cat! On this episode of Dr. King Says, we have one of our associate veterinarians, Dr. Foust, discuss how you can help make a trip to the vet with your cat a good experience. Dr. Foust has a passion for feline care and is happy to answer any of your questions and/or concerns!

Episode 15: Welcome Dr. Wingo

Take a look at this weeks episode of Dr. King Says to learn more about our newest associate veterinarian, Dr. Wingo! We are thrilled to have her on our team and she looks forward to meeting all of you and your furry family members!

Episode 16: Vaccine Volume

Have you every wondered why the volume of a vaccine is the same for a five pound dog and a 100 pound dog? Listen to this episode of Dr. King Says to find out why!

Episode 17: Essential Oils and Pets

Listen to this weeks episode of Dr. King Says to learn more about essential oils and pets! There is a link in the comments below that will be a great resource for all essential oil users! We are always here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or comments.