Meet Our Support Staff

All-Star Veterinary Clinic is staffed with a group of animal-loving individuals, dedicated to providing loving care to your best friend in your time of need. Each one of our team members is trained and qualified to perform animal care, and we all work together to take a team approach to treating our patients. We invite you to click on the headers below to learn more about the team members in each of our animal hospital departments. Have questions? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!


Hospital Owner

Richard H. King, Jr. 

Richard co-founded All-Star Veterinary Clinic with Dr. King in 2003 and since then has acting as its Business Manager.  Richard earned his undergraduate degree in business from the University of Tennessee, an MBA from Indiana University and a law degree from Valparaiso University School of Law.  Richard specializes in developing new and creative ways to market the clinic as well as ensuring that the overall business practices are sound.

Family:  Wife Emily (veterinarian and hospital co-owner) and five sons

Pets: Lance, Winnie, Pickles (dogs) and Lenny (cat)

Hobbies: Spending time with family and working out


Director of Operations

Cayla Bittles

Cayla, our office manager, has been with the team since April 2009. In addition to her managerial duties, Cayla is also a Registered Veterinary Technician with a bachelor’s degree in biology. She earned her education from Indiana University Kokomo and Purdue University. Cayla proudly graduated valedictorian from the RVT program. Because of a love of both science and animals, this was the perfect career choice for Cayla!

Job Skills: Managing the team and helping them find ways to better themselves

Family: Husband Jon and two children

Pets: Winston, a boxer


Registered Veterinary Technicians

Allie Cook 

Allie joined the All-Star Veterinary Clinic team in May 2015 after earning her Associate of Applied Science and Veterinary Technology degrees at the International Business College Vet Tech Institute. She loves having a career that allows her to help animals because they can’t help themselves.

Pets: Pets: Maggie (Yorkie), Nina (Chihuahua), Remi (Papillon), Rowan (English Labrador Retriever)
Hobbies: Taking her dogs on walks, spending time with family, crafting

Proud Accomplishments: Passing the VTNE on the first try!

Katie Ray Nelson

Katie, a registered veterinary technician who has been a part of our practice since October 2015, earned her degree from Harrison College. She has seen a ton of interesting results from foreign body removal surgeries, helping to remove such things as whole toys, socks, headphones, rocks, and even pieces of furniture from the bellies of pets! Her love of animals, especially dogs, led her to her career choice. She also loves her coworkers and the management at All-Star Veterinary Clinic, as well as participating in a number of interesting procedures such as cystotomies, splenectomies, and dentals.

Family: Katie no longer lives with her twin, but is now newly married!

Hobbies: Knitting and yoga

Favorite Animal: Dog

Brittney Hinshaw 

Brittney, a member of our team since 2014, earned her associates degree in veterinary technology from Indianapolis Business College Vet Tech Institute. She has always been passionate about animals and enjoys seeing young animals grow up, making relationships with clients, and helping sick pets get better. She has also enjoyed assisting with surgeries and C-sections.

Job Skills: Working with hospitalized pets, performing blood draws, and inserting catheters

Pets: Milo (pembroke welsh corgi) and Apollo (mini australian shephard)

Hobbies: working out, spending time with friends and family, playing Black Ops

Kaity Roberts 

Kaity has been with our team since May 2013 and is a now an RVT who recently graduated from Perdue University. She enjoys all aspects of working at All-Star Veterinary Clinic, from the awesome bosses and coworkers to her love for animals and medicine. She enjoys taking care of hospitalized patients and helping during pet emergencies.

Pets: Dixie Rae (cat), Piper (cat), Squrrtle (Turtle), Marley (Golden Retriever)

Special Talents: She is almost fluent in Spanish

Proud Accomplishments: 10-year member in 4-H, Graduating from Purdue, passing the VTNE

Favorite Animals: Cow

Favorite Book: Withering Heights by Emily Bronte

Amazing Place: Peten, Guatemala working with wildlife rehabilitation


Veterinary Support Specialists

Cindy Mather

Cindy is a longtime member of our team, having been with us since September 2006. She earned her education from Orange Coast College and moved to the veterinary field after 10 years of accounting and 10 years of being a stay-at-home mom. She has always wanted to have a job helping animals and enjoys assisting in the delivery of puppies.

Job Skills: Being friendly and easy to work with, as well as maintaining our lab equipment

Family: Husband and two children, Rachel and Trevor

Pets: Calli and Ike (dogs) and Bonsai (cat)

Nicole Bledsoe

Nicole joined our practice in May 2016. She has an undergraduate degree in Biology from Butler University, and is currently pursuing her DVM at the University of Illinois for Veterinary Medicine. At the age of 10, Nicole decided she wanted to be a veterinarian after she joined 4-H and began to love and learn about animals. Her favorite part about working at our practice is forming relationships with our clients and patients.

Pets: Boomer: Jax, and Finnick (cats); Delta (dog)

Most Amazing Place She’s Ever Been: Spain

Favorite Book: All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot

Favorite Animal: Horse

Elise Augustine

Elise joined our practice in December 2016. She has her Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology from the International Business College, and she decided to pursue a career in the veterinary industry because she has a great love of animals and medicine. Elise loves to make our patients and clients happy, and get sick pets back on the road to wellness.

Pets: Scout – Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Favorite Animal: Sloth

Most Amazing Place She’s Ever Been: New York City

Favorite Movie: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Sydney Orr

Sydney joined the All-Star Veterinary Clinic team in May of 2017. She’s currently a senior at Ball State University, where she’s working to complete a double major in Pre-Vet and Biology. Since she was young, Sydney has loved working with animals. She knew she didn’t want to pursue any other career, and we’re glad to have her on our team.

Pets: Cat – Boo, dog – Finn, guinea pig – Luna

Hobbies: Be outside, hang out with friends and family

Favorite Book: Harry Potter

Most Amazing Place She’s Ever Been: Washington DC

Emily Turner

Emily started with our practice in August of 2017. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Fashion, but she’s decided to follow her dream of becoming a veterinarian. Emily is in the process of completing a degree in Biology from IUPUI. She’s loving her time at All-Star Veterinary Clinic and her favorite part is that she gets to learn something new every day.

Pets: seven cats and four dogs!

Favorite animal: Sloth

Hometown: Sedona, AZ

Courtney Vaughn

Courtney has been with All-Star Veterinary Clinic since April of 2017. She is a recent high school graduate and plans on furthering her studies in veterinary technician school. Courtney has a natural affinity for animals and loves helping them day-in and day-out. We’re a fun group at our practice and Courtney loves her coworkers.

Favorite animal: Dog

Pet: A Pitbull named Sir Jeffery

Things she’s proud of: playing soccer, managing her high school wrestling team and ushering at church

Nicole Havens 

Nicole grew up around animals and showing horses, so it was only natural for her to choose a career in the veterinary field. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Purdue University, and got to spend a summer studying abroad in New Zealand.

Pets: A black Lab named Bella, and a chocolate Lab named Luci

Hobbies: Working out and riding horses

Favorite Animal: Horses

Caroline Harvey

Caroline became a member of our team in January 2018. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science (with a concentration in behavior and well-being) at Purdue University, and is currently enrolled in the Purdue Vet Tech online program. She chose a career path in the veterinary field because it combines her love for science and the need to help others (including our furry friends), and it allows her to end the day feeling like she accomplished something meaningful. Her fellow team members here at All-Star Vet are some of the best people she’s ever worked with—everyone is genuine, friendly, and willing to help. Caroline also loves that every day at the clinic is unique and challenging in its own way.

Job Skills: A dedicated work ethic and being one of the first volunteers to jump in and help whenever it’s needed

Pets: Marco, a tri-colored Corgi

Hobbies: Cuddling up with Marco and watching Netflix, or going out to the barn and riding horses

Most Amazing Place She’s Ever Been: The Chateau de Versailles in France

Favorite Book: Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

Favorite Movie: Step Brothers

Client Service Team

Kristi Moore 

Kristi has been a part of our team since August 2012. Because of her love for the medical field and for animals, her role at our animal hospital is the perfect position for her. She enjoys being involved in veterinary medicine because there is always something to learn and there are people and animals to help every day. Kristi loves meeting and getting to know each of our clients and patients.

Job Skills: Organized, friendly, and always willing to help!

Family: Kristi is a mother of 4, a Nini (grandma) to one and wife to a firefighter

Pets: Sadie (black Lab) and Percy (Yorkie mix)

Hobbies: Refurbishing

Kaitlyn Shaw

Kaitlyn, who has plans to attend Ivy Tech, has been with our team since November 2014. She loves animals, enjoys helping in treatment, and is very interested in watching pet surgeries being performed.

Pets: Jax (English shepherd)

Hobbies: Going to sporting events, hanging out with friends

Special Talents: Playing the drums

Favorite Animal: Dolphin

Samantha Cerceo 

Samantha, who is currently attending Ivy Tech Community College earning an associate’s in early childhood education, has been at All-Star Veterinary Clinic since April 2013. She enjoys working with animals, getting to know the clients, and making friends with her coworkers. She also truly loves learning about veterinary medicine and interacting with the pets.

Pets: Jerry and Jonah (German shepherds) and Jax (English shepherd)

Hobbies: Spending time with friends and family, watching football, and going to sporting events of all kinds

Special Talents: Playing piano

Favorite Book/Movie: The Notebook

Kelli Waugh

Kelli has been a receptionist at our animal hospital in Westfield since August 2015. She enjoys working with the friendly and easygoing staff, interacting with the fun clients, and getting to see all the animals that come in.

Pets: Mia (black Lab) and Belle and Walker (cats)

Hobbies: Reading, spending time with family and friends (especially when it’s warm enough to have a bonfire every weekend!)

Favorite Animal: Tie between dogs and cats

Future Dreams: Opening her own animal rescue

Lisa Gibson

When Lisa was younger, she had to take her sick dog to the vet. She never forgot how kind and caring the vet office was, and ever since, she has wanted to make a similar impact on pets and their owners. She loves working with and talking with her coworkers, and finding things in common with our clients. For Lisa, one of the best things about working at All-Star Veterinary Clinic is talking to people on the phone who are excited about their newly-adopted pets!

Family: Her husband of 30 years and 2 children—Nicholas and Casey

Pets: 3 dogs named Charlie, Annie and Comet, a cat, Opie, and a Chinchilla named Cheeky

Hobbies: Lisa spends a lot of time with her family, but is also a Girl Scout leader for her daughter’s troop! Lisa and her family also enjoy camping and going to contemporary Christian concerts

Favorite Movies: Marley & Me, Wonder, and A Dog’s Purpose

Inventory Manager

Kayla Kinnaman

Kayla has been a part of the All-Star Veterinary Clinic team since November 2006. She earned her education from J. Everett Light Career Center vocational school. She’s always been an animal lover and she enjoys being able to get to know clients and their pets. One of her workplace skills is being able to recognize clients as soon as they pull into the parking lot.

Family: Husband Kyle and son Carter

Pets: Hank and Waylon (cats), and Chickens

Hobbies: Riding motorcycles and spending time with the family

Favorite Animal: Dog


Animal Care Specialists

Trevor Maue 

Trevor is a high school student who joined the team as an animal caretaker in October 2015. His love for animals and their care makes him a great addition!

Pets: Dreyfuss (Chesapeake Bay retriever), Paco (parakeet), and fish

Hobbies: Riding bikes, going to the movies with friends, and walking his dog

Favorite Animal: Platypus

Most Amazing Place He’s Ever Been: French Lick, IN, zip lining in the trees in the fall!

Alex Perry  

Alex is a dedicated member of our team, and she has found her niche at our practice. She chose to begin working in the veterinary field because she’s extremely interested in everything concerning animals and science. Alex likes to assist our doctors with medical procedures. She has an excellent work ethic, and she enjoys helping things run smoothly at the clinic and helping out whenever and wherever she can.

Pets: Tucker and Oliver, both Bernese Mountain Dogs; Mittens, a Chinchilla

Hobbies: Reading, boxing, Krav Maga, and listening to music.

Favorite Movie: The Martian

Most Amazing Place She’s Ever Been: Roatan, Honduras

Annie Davis

Annie joined our team in May 2017. She loves working with animals and believes that there’s no better place to help them than at our practice. Annie’s favorite parts about working at our practice is gaining hands-on experience and watching our more seasoned team members work with our patients.

Pets: Gracie – a golden retriever/border collie mix; Toulouse and Adeline – Nigerian dwarf goats.

Hobbies: Golf, volleyball, being outside

Favorite Animal: Goat

Most Amazing Place She’s Ever Been: Costa Rica – for a mission trip with Love at Work Ministries

Sarah Jarding

Sarah started working at our practice in August of 2017. She loves all the different pets she gets to see and helping them along the way. Sarah is also excited to learn new things every day at All-Star Veterinary Clinic. When she’s not working, you might catch her swimming. Sarah is on the champion Carmel High School swim team.

Best place she’s visited: Paris

Favorite animal: Dog

Favorite book: The Great Gatsby


Administrative Support Specialist

Laura Eakin

Laura joined our team in October 2015. She is a former Ball State student who loves working with animals. She also enjoys interacting with our clients and team members at our animal hospital in Westfield. In her current position, she likes be available to help whenever a pet in need arrives at our facility.

Family: Husband Mark, 2 children, 2 grandchildren

Pets: Gracie (dog)

Hobbies: Babysitting her grandkids, knitting, and crocheting

Special Talents: Playing in the bell choir and singing in the choir at church


Clinic and Community Support Specialist

Terri Hindenburg 

Terri has been working reception at our animal hospital in Westfield since September 2011. She pursued her career in animal care because of her love and respect for animals and their owners. It’s a joy for her to work with a team that comes together to serve others. She also has a great time helping, comforting, and greeting clients; decorating the clinic; and making others feel good!

Family: Husband Greg, children Kristi and Shelly, grandchildren Jaycee and Jack

Hobbies: Gardening, decorating, shopping flea markets, antiquing, and cooking

Favorite Animal: Impossible to say! She loves them all

Proud Accomplishments: Raising 2 daughters and being married 40 years