Pet Vaccinations


At All-Star Veterinary Clinic, we’re dedicated to delivering the exemplary, compassionate medical care that your pet deserves. Our goal is to improve your pet’s health and well-being so you can enjoy many more happy years together. A vital step in reaching that goal is with pet vaccinations, a fundamental component of preventative veterinary medicine.

Vaccines work to protect pets against a variety of serious illnesses including rabies, hepatitis, Lyme disease, Bordetella, and parvovirus, to name a few. In study after study, pet vaccinations have proven to be effective at boosting immunity which keeps pets healthier in the long run.

Why Pet Vaccines Are Important

Here’s how vaccines work to improve your pet’s immune function:

The vaccination that your pet receives contains antigens. An antigen is something that is structurally similar to a disease-causing organism but it doesn’t cause your pet any harm. The antigens in pet vaccinations will stimulate your companion’s immune system, prompting a minor immune response. This initial immune response helps your pet’s body recognize and fight off the full illness if they encounter it later in life. With this additional layer of immunity in place, your pet should either have a reduced response to the disease or be able to ward it off completely.

To provide the most thorough protection to your pet, they should start receiving pet vaccinations at an early age, when they’re still puppies/kittens. Pets should continue to be vaccinated annually throughout their lives, even into their senior years. Keeping your pet up-to-date on their vaccinations will help them to enjoy a longer, healthier life.

Our ULTRA Vaccines

We’re pleased to offer 0.5 mL ULTRA vaccines to provide our patients with a quicker, more comfortable vaccination experience with half the volume of regular vaccines. Despite the difference in volume, ULTRA vaccines provide just as much protection as their 1 mL counterparts. Since 0.5 mL vaccines can be injected faster, they can help reduce your pet’s stress and discomfort, creating a more pleasant vet visit for them and for you.

To learn more about our ULTRA vaccines, please contact us or schedule a vaccine appointment for your animal companion.

We Carry the Bivalent Influenza Vaccine

Dogs are at an increased risk of infection from canine flu when they stay at a boarding facility. When dogs are in close quarters, illness can spread quickly. To prevent this problem, many boarding centers are now requiring that all canine guests receive flu vaccinations prior to their boarding date. Our hospital carries the bivalent influenza vaccine, which provides additional immunity against the H3N2 and H3N8 strains of the flu virus.

Canine influenza, or CIV, is very contagious and causes symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose and eyes, fever, and lethargy. Some dogs may not show any symptoms at all, which makes keeping your pet protected all the more important.

Personalized Pet Vaccinations

We strongly believe in the power of personalized veterinary care, which is why we customize our vaccination recommendations. Our vets know that no two pets are alike, especially when it comes to medical care. We base our pet vaccination schedules on a variety of factors, such as your pet’s:

  • Age
  • Species
  • Breed
  • Size
  • Health status
  • Risk of exposure to disease
  • Frequency of travel
  • Other lifestyle factors

When your pet comes in for their first wellness visit, we’ll discuss these factors with you in detail before designing a vaccination protocol to meet your pet’s needs.

If you have any questions about pet vaccinations in Westfield or if you’re ready to make an appointment, feel free to give us a call. We can be reached by phone at 317-896-9993 or via e-mail at We look forward to hearing from you soon!