Radiology2Radiology is a tool used by our veterinarians to help diagnose diseases and determine underlying causes. We have in-house radiology at our animal hospital, giving our veterinarians the opportunity to make important decisions quickly and accurately. For the benefit of our clients, we also have the ability to share pet x-rays with a board certified radiologist for a second opinion, if needed.

How Radiology Works for Your Pet

One of the many benefits of using radiology at our animal hospital is that the technology used is very similar to the technology used in human medicine. When your pet comes in for x-rays, they need to remain still in order for us to get a good picture, as with human medicine. Sedation is an option for pets that are resistant to restraint or unable to position themselves in certain ways because of pain or injury.

Radiology can be used for many diagnostic purposes including:

  • Bone injuries
  • Checking on the formation of kidney and bladder stones
  • Finding foreign bodies, especially indigestible objects your pet may have swallowed
  • Identifying tumors, growths, and masses
  • Monitoring ongoing conditions such as degenerative joint disease
  • Monitoring the progression or remission of certain types of cancers
  • Organ injuries
  • …and more

At All-Star Veterinary Clinic, we utilize exceptional veterinary diagnostic technology to ensure that we are always providing your pet with the very best care in the industry.